Death of a Nation-State

Originally published on Atticus Mullikin’s Newsvine column. Balkanization: a chic geopolitical term derived from the repeated breakup of the Balkans, that convergent point between Turkic, Greek and Slavic identities, Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic religiosities, and a dozen sets and subsets of each of these. But Balkanization is used to describe a worldwide phenomenon. Kosovo isn’t … Continue reading

Phil Borges

My wife introduced me to Phil Borges when she brought home the book Enduring Spirit one day after a conversation with Borges’ son, who was studying in Maastricht. The book was written by Isabel Allende to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in 1948, and features … Continue reading

Interview with Michael Klare Part I

Michael Klare is a five-colleges professor of Peace and World Security studies, defense correspondent of The Nation magazine and contributor to Tom’s Dispatch, Mother Jones and Foreign Policy in Focus. He’s published many books, but most recently he’s concentrated on global energy supply and conflict, including Resource Wars and his most recent, Blood and Oil. … Continue reading

Interview with Michael Klare Part II

Part II includes a discussion of various parts of the world from which the EU imports oil and natural gas, including Russia, the Caspian Sea Basin, and North Africa, the implications of a potential U.S. invasion of Iran, and Prof. Klare’s term “Energo-fascism.” Read the transcript on my Newsvine column

Interview with Michael Klare Part III

In Part III we continue the discussion of Energo-fascism, the concept of a “peak in oil production,” Russia’s Arktika expedition to the North Pole, and M.K. Hubbert’s theory of Peak Oil. Read the transcript on my Newsvine column

Interview with Michael Klare Part IV

The fourth and final part of the interview continues Prof. Klare’s discussion of Peak Oil Theory, a recent IEA World Energy Outlook report and Mr. Klare’s lack of optimism for the future. Read the transcript on my Newsvine column

Steve Mumford

I was going through my Amazon wish list, which is full of books I meant to buy, and I stumbled across a beautiful work by Steve Mumford that I never got around to ordering. Baghdad Journal: An artist in occupied Iraq turns the concept of war photographer on its ear. Mumford acted as a war … Continue reading