Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation

In an excellent move by the American Library of Congress, a former storage facility for U.S. currency in reserve for the aftermath of a nuclear war has been transformed to store the Library’s 6-million+ item audio/visual collection. Currently housed in four states and Washington, DC, the material consists of everything from delicate early-film reels and wax-cylinder audio recordings to LPs, VHS cassetes and CDs. Material that is in the public domain will be available on the internet. People in possession of old audio/visual material of interest can send an offer of donation to the library for preservation.

The Packard Campus currently offers select, online materials for free. The website is neat and tidy, but typically confusing to navigate, with alternating color schemes, formats and overly complicated titles. You can make your way quickly to the Recorded Sound Reading Room, Motion Picture and Television Reading Room and Moving Image Collections.

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