No more than a theory

This article was originally published on here on AttiCusInk, but has been migrated to my Newsvine column.

In February, 2006, MEP Caroline Lucas asked Andris Piebalgs about the European Commission’s strategy for dealing with peak oil production. Piebalgs responded by saying that peak oil production constitutes “no more than a theory” and stated that the Commission would look into a “policy framework which should lead to a sustainable and highly efficient long-term energy profile….” Perhaps Mr. Piebalgs was unaware that he’d offered the Christian Creationist argument so often used to refute evolution – that it’s “just a theory,” and that the implications of his dismissal sounded every bit as uninformed. That the EU Commissioner for Energy seemed not to have a strategy, over a year ago, to deal with the advent of Peak Oil should be cause for alarm….

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